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Spent the better part of the 90's getting my feet wet with bullwhips in Nigeria. Won several awards for managing trumpets in Los Angeles, CA. Spent 2001-2007 developing strategies for accordians in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Had some great experience creating marketing channels for methane in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Spent 2001-2008 supervising the production of dogmas in Washington, DC. Have a strong interest in importing food on the market.

Take Along Some Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Each year in the fall my husband takes several hunting trips. The destinations are usually within six to eight hours from our house so he takes extra days along with a weekend to hunt. He has many different hunting buddies that he goes on these trips with. There are some family trips that include his brothers and nephews and then there are trips that include long time hunting pals. Regardless of where he is going, what he is hunting and who he is with he always wants me to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies for him to take along. This started the first year we were married because I made a batch of the cookies for him to take along hunting. He likes them so much that I can hardly keep up making them during the fall months.

The chocolate chip cookies that I make are a cross between several recipes that I have seen in cookbooks and on unlimited recipes or have eaten. There are some recipes for cookies that have many ingredients for energy including oatmeal, peanut butter and honey, and then there are the standard chocolatechipcookies recipes. I have combined the two and added a few touches of my own to create a cookie that is very tasty as well as packed with energy producing ingredients.

Special Chocolate Chip Cookies

I started experimenting with the recipes because one of my husband’s friends did not like oatmeal. I wanted to leave the oatmeal in for the nutritional value. I had read that one of the famous chocolate chip cookies that are sold in the shopping malls uses a ground oatmeal. I decided that I would try using the blender. This works very well. I simply put a cup of oat meal at a time into the blender and push the grind button. The result is oatmeal flour that I add in with the wheat flour. The texture of the chocolate chip cookies no longer has the oatmeal in it. I also do not stop with the basic chocolate chips. I also add toffee chips, peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, anything that I have on hand. The oat flour keeps the cookies moist. I also finely chop walnuts and pecans and add them to the chocolate chip cookies. I drop the dough in big balls that I make with the ice cream scoop.

This year I spent one afternoon making a huge batch of the chocolate chip cookie dough. I multiplied all the ingredient amounts by ten. I had a huge stainless steal bowl as well as my largest mixing bowl full of dough. I rolled the dough in long strips like the ready to bake cookies in the grocery store. Now I can bake them as he needs them without having to make the dough each time. So if you want to treat yourself you can always go for great chocolate chip cookies!