9-10 October 2014


“Chinese Accents and Accented Chinese” 

Nordic Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai

The current fast developments in China have led to an increase of the number of Chinese learners of English and other European languages as well as an increase of speakers of European languages learning Chinese. This emerging interest in learning and teaching Chinese all over the world has increased the demand for qualified research to support teaching of Chinese as a second language. For instance, in recent years, we have witnessed a significant increase of university students who study Chinese, and initiatives have been started to teach Chinese at secondary schools. Since Chinese and European languages greatly differ in their consonants, vowels, and prosody—let alone their different writing systems—second language acquisition into either direction is a difficult task. Although there is a vast amount of literature on Chinese-accented English (discussing, for instance, typical Chinese pronunciations of English, including wrong stress placement), research on Chinese accent in other languages lags far behind. Similarly, foreign accented Chinese is hardly linguistically investigated. For example, Danish-accented Chinese has never been explored as a field of study. In addition, even for English, a thorough investigation of teachers’ perception of the pronunciation of their students is still lacking. This workshop is meant to investigate the state-of-the-art of second language acquisition in which Chinese is either the first language (L1) or the second language (L2) and to consider new lines of research.

The preliminary program is as follows: 

Thursday 9 October 2014

Supra-segmental Phonetics

 9:00-9:20 Coffee/Tea

 9:20-9:30 Opening  

9:30-10:15 Talk 1 Jie Liang 梁洁 (Tongji University) Intonations and Emotions in English by Speakers of Shanghai dialect

10:15-11:00 Talk 2 Wenjun Chen 陈雯珺 (Ningbo Dahongying University)  "Sentence intonation of Chinese-accented English”

11:00-11:45 Talk 3 Xue Mei 薛梅 (Tongji University “A study on the intonation of Shanghai-accented English”

13:45-14:30 Talk 4 Michelle Mellion-Doorewaard (Nijmegen  University) “English Language Learning Narratives of Chinese Students at a Dutch University”

14:30-15:15 Talk 5 Xinlu Yang 杨新璐 (Tongji University) “Urumqi acquisition of Mandarin Tones”

15:45-16:30 Talk 6 Wenting Yu 虞文婷 (Shanghai International Studies University) “Perception of interpreted Chinese accented English”

16:30-17:15 Talk 7 Daniel Hirst (Tongji University) “Objective metrics for the evaluation of L2 speech prosody”

   Friday 10 October 2014

Segmental Phonetics and Phonology

09:30-10:15 Talk 8 Jocelyn Hardman (Aarhus University) “The perception of Chinese accented English”

10:15 -11:00 Talk 9 Luo Mingqiong 骆明琼 (Shanghai International Studies University) “Perception and Production of Mandarin final nasals by Shanghainese speakers”

11:00-11:45 Talk 10 Qing  (East China Normal University) “A study of the acquisition of tone by American learners of Chinese” 

13:45-14:30 Talk 11 Lei Wang 王磊 (Tongji University) “Danish accented Chinese: some predictions”

14:30-15:15 Talk 12 Marjoleine Sloos莱娜 (Aarhus University) “Bias in second language perception:  a neurolinguistic approach”

15:45-16:30 Talk 13 Jeroen van de Weijer 鲁安  (Shanghai International Studies University) “The role of UG in second language acquisition”

16:30-17:15 Round the Table discussion

The workshop is funded by the International Center of Aarhus University, Denmark, and co-organized by Shanghai International Studies University.

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