Post-doc fellow at Aarhus University (Denmark)

My research focuses on three areas: biased speech perception, phonological acquisition, and Chinese linguistics. The languages I currently investigate are mainly French, German and Chinese languages, but I investigate other languages  as well (like Dutch, Japanese). I collaborate on a long term basis with Prof. Liang Jie (Tongji University), Prof. Jeroen van de Weijer (Shanghai International Studies University), and Dr. Chun Zhang (Aarhus University). 

Coder bias

In this project I investigate the perception of linguistically trained subject of individual speech sounds. Do they perceive sounds same or different from untrained subjects? The language under investigation is French.

Post-doc project, funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research "Mobilex Mobility Grant", co-financed by the EU Program "Marie-Curie" under FP7.

Aarhus University

Danish accented Chinese

Together with Chun Zhang (Aarhus University) and Lei Wang (Tongji University, Shanghai) I investigate the phonetics and phonology of Chinese as a second language of Danish learners. We investigate production and perception of the sound system and tones by Danish learners and the perception of Danish accented Chinese by others.

Frequency effects and grammar

My PhD focused on the interaction between frequency effects and phonological grammar. For my PhD, I investigated variation and change in German, Indonesian, and Japanese. This work is continued, now concentrated on language acquisition in different languages  (with Jeroen van de Weijer).  In search for the optimal representation of the relation between the lexicon and the grammar, I work within the generative framework of phonology as well as usage-based phonology.

Previous research

My earlier research was mainly concentrated on different aspects of Dutch and German: (Loanword) phonology, phonological microvariation and sociolinguistics. I investigated umlaut in Dutch dialects, the pronunciation of the BÄREN vowel in Standard German, reduction in Dutch, loanwords in Dutch and Dutch loanwords in Indonesian. More publications about these topics are under way.


Marjoleine Sloos

Post-doc fellow in Linguistics 


1 April 2015

Accepted for publication

Sloos, Liang, Wang. Perception of music influences perception of plosive phonation in Wu dialects. Proceedings of the ICPhS, 10-14 August 2015, Glasgow.

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To study birds, you don't need to fly.

To be an astronomer, you don't need to live on the stars. 

To study the nutritional value of food, you don't need to be a good cook.

So why do you expect a linguist to speak all the languages (s)he investigates? 

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